About Us

Are you a busy, ‘on-the-go’ mom who values time spent with family around the supper table?  Do you strive to serve homemade meals every evening ?  Are you disappointed when you arrive at home with fast food, frozen or cheap grocery store dinners? Do you need help with meal prep, meal ideas or figuring out what ingredients to buy? We can help!  

Double J Crop and Cattle is a third generation family farm located in central Alberta.  We raise our own beef, pork, lamb and chicken.  Our meat is nutritious, delicious and convenient!!  We  help busy, health conscious, hard working people who are seeking locally grown, premium quality proteins that can be served to their families. We can provide you with meal ideas for the week, give you instructions on how to prepare meals ahead of time and help you stay organized and prepared for upcoming dinners.

As a busy mom of four young daughters, I only want the best for my children.  My goal every day is to put a delicious, healthy, homemade meal on the table. Some days I am unable to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a meal. I need something that is easy, convenient, and tasty. Now, I know many of you already amazing mom’s can’t add raising your own animals to your busy life. That’s where we can work together to support each other, in community. I had the ability to create my own food source, and I want to share that with you.  I have raised beef for most of my life and when my children were born, I expanded into chicken, pork and, recently, lamb.  My animals are all raised outdoors, fed the best locally sourced feeds and processed by highly qualified butchers.  I have control over how my meat is cut up and what is in all the packages.  This ensures that I only pay for cuts of meat that my family will actually eat and I can plan meals ahead of time and ensure that I always have a stash of simple, quick meals on hand.

We strive to keep the entire process simple, affordable, and convenient.  Find us online at www.doublejcropandcattle.ca.  Choose a bundle type and size that fits your needs and will make monthly deliveries right to your door.  We are your one stop protein shop