Bulk Beef - How It Works

We are launching our Spring Bulk Beef Sale!!!!

This is your opportunity to secure your family’s beef supply today just in time for summer grilling season!! No more running to the store and paying ridiculous prices for Alberta Beef. Instead, you could have local, fresh and healthy beef delivered to your house and available to you whenever you desire.

I have 5 animals that are ready to be processed.  This equals 20 quarters of home raised, locally grown, tasty Alberta beef.  Animals are processed at Caroline Meats. 

Here’s how it works

Pick the perfect bulk beef package for your family.  We offer:

    1. ¼ beef - 120 - 150 pounds of hanging weight
    2. ½ beef - 220 - 300 pounds of hanging weight
    3. Whole beef - 400 - 600 pounds of hanging weight  
  1.  Reserve your beef - Place your DEPOSIT. This deposit guarantees your spot at the butchers and ensures that you receive entry into our giveaway. 
  2. Finalize Your Beef Payment - Once the beef has finished being processed, we will invoice you for the remaining amount left owing.  
  3. Enjoy - Once you pay the final amount left owing, we will deliver your meat to you.  All that's left to do is to cook, serve and enjoy your beef

A beef package breaks down into roughly 30% ground meat, 30% roasts, 20% steaks (we only keep the best steaks - tenderloin, new york, ribeye and sirloin) and 20% miscellaneous cuts (ribs, stew meat, minute steaks, etc.)

We charge $6.50 a pound (hanging weight).  This includes cut and wrap. Our bulk beef packages come with free delivery, an extra 7 days of hanging time (21 days, not 14), and we’ll include a free bottle of BBQ sauce and BBQ rub.

This year we have decided to give away a Free Medium Green Egg Original Bbq Package ($1700 value). For every quarter sold, earn one entry into this contest.  For a limited time only, we’re offering double entry; for anyone who buys a quarter before May, earn two entries.