Bulk Chicken

Every year we raise two batches of meat chickens, The first batch is typically ready in mid/late June and this year, the second batch will be ready at the end of October. Our birds are fed a commercial chick starter feed for the first few weeks of their lives and then we switch to a whole grain mix of chicken grower that we purchase from our local feed mill. At about four weeks of age we open the coop doors and give the birds access to an outdoor chicken run.  We believe that chickens should have room to run, fresh air to breathe and dirt and bugs to play with. All of our birds are professionally inspected and processed at Pigeon Lake Poultry.  

We sell bulk whole chickens in packages of 10, 20 or 40. The birds are all plucked, cleaned and packaged in vacuum sealed bags. Here's how the sale works:

1)  decide which option you would like to purchase (10, 20 or 40).  You will have the choice of making a full payment at the time of purchase, or making a 50% down payment at the time of purchase with the remainder due at delivery

2) we will arrange a butcher date and transport the birds to the processor. Once the birds are processed, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount owing.

3) When the balance has been paid we will organize delivery to you.

4) Cook and Enjoy!