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Double J Crop and Cattle

Calling All the Smokemasters!!!

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This bundle is perfect for the busy cook who appreciates that good things take time.  Throw these cuts on the smoker, slow cooker or bbq and walk away.  Start the meal the night before or early in the morning and enjoy tender, delicious meats come supper time. (My man has mastered these cuts)

What's Included

4 - packs of Ground Beef

1 - pack of Beef Ribs

1 - Beef Roast

2 - Ribeye Steaks

4 - pound Brisket

** Shipping Included

Delicious and Nutritious Beef

- Convenient, healthy, delicious

- Alberta beef raised on a family farm

- Free shipping and delivery to your door

- Professionally butchered

Our Guarantee

Our ¼ beef package is a premium product. We put a heavy emphasis on raising animals thatare responsibly and humanely reared. We select only the best genetics in our herd to ensure healthy, fit animals. We believe that these animals became the tastiest, most nutritiousmeats on the market. If after trying our products, you are not completely satisfied we will bemore than willing to refund you your money. Your happiness is our business

  • We have had great experiences with Double Js. We have ordered bulk meat orders from them twice nowand even got a Thanksgiving Turkey. They are friendly, professional and the quality is excellent. We wereso happy to find a local, family run farm. Great one stop shopping for all your needs plus delivery! I highly recommend Double Js.

    - Joanna Gallant

  • I have purchased a half of beef from them recently. I can't say enough about how good their beef is, very tender and tasty. They are raised on their farm locally here in Alberta. I will go nowhere else to grab a side or whole beef when I need it. They also sell pork, lamb, chicken and eggs. I am so happy with everything that I have received from them. Erin and Cody are two great young farmers. I recommend purchasing your protein products from them, you will not be disappointed.

    - Larry Burlingham

  • Over the last year I have bought many products from Doble J Crop and Cattle including beef, pork, poultry and eggs. Their selection is outstanding and their beefand pork jerky along with their selection of sausages, is one of the best. We would highly recommend buying from them for quality and taste, They are our go to place for all these

    - Dozer Foods


Receive FREE BBQ sauces and rubs with every purchase


Every purchase comes with a selection of recipes and meal prep ideas


For every 1/4 beef purchased, have your name entered into a giveaway for a free Green Egg Smoker .

A ¼ of beef typically yields 120 - 150 pounds of hanging weight meat (A dressed carcass, hanging on the rail)
We charge 6.50 a pound. This includes the meat, inspection and killing, processing and shipping and handling
You can expect 30 pounds of ground beef, 30 pounds of roasts, 20 pounds of steaks (Tenderloin, Ribeye, New York, Sirloin) and 20 pounds of misc cuts (stew meat, beef ribs,minute steaks
Our meat is high in protein, rich in micronutrients, low in toxins and contains healthy fats
Our animals are raised ethically outdoors, hormone free and follow cfia inspection protocols
We recommend a 4-5 cu foot freezer for a 1/4 beef
Buying in bulk saves money and provides a wide range of meal options
We off free pick up or delivery
We get meat inspected at Family Meats in Ponoka and butchered at Caroline Meats
All kinds!!!!!